Celebrating Black History Month: HBCUs

Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) were established to provide African American students with a venue to pursue a post-secondary education. These colleges and universities began emerging as the Civil War came to an end instilling further hope for change. Out of 107 schools, only three have had to close their doors with Cheyney University, the… Read More

Love & Gratitude

Valentine’s Day.  Often seen as a day of hearts, flowers, and romance, this year, let’s put a new spin on it.  Let’s make it a day of love and gratitude for those who supported you on your path to college. Take a moment to thank those who wrote letters of recommendation to support your college… Read More

Ten Reasons to Start the College Process Early

Starting the college process early comes with multiple advantages but most importantly, it eliminates the unknown and provides plenty of time for planning.   Here are some other reasons to start sooner rather than later:  Find the perfect fit and build a better college list.  In the COVID world where visiting college campuses presents a… Read More

Interviews, Information Sessions, & Tours:  Making the Most of a Virtual World

Students who are almost done with the college application process, as well as those who are just beginning, have opportunities previously unavailable.  They can attend college information sessions throughout the nation, interview with alumni from colleges they are applying to, and tour college campuses on either coast–all from the comfort of their home. Although many… Read More

The Test Score Dilemma

Students currently applying to colleges are in an unusual situation, a scenario past applicants have only dreamed of.  Most colleges are not requiring ACT or SAT test scores.  The inability to access testing as a result of COVID-19 has forced colleges typically requiring test scores to take a more holistic approach to evaluating college applications… Read More

Have You Submitted Your College Applications? Check Your Email!

If your future college student has submitted their college applications, then colleges are trying to communicate with them.  Students need to check their email on a weekly basis. Important things await in their inbox–acceptance letters, a list of items missing from their applications, potential scholarships, invitations for interviews….they will never know unless they look! With… Read More

Ready? Set. Submit!

Your future college student has compiled their college list, completed their college applications and crafted the perfect essay.  Here’s what they need to do before and after they hit the submit button. Before submitting: Touch base with teachers.  Your child should send an email to the teachers who are writing a letter of recommendation on… Read More