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In the competitive arena of college admission, students need to submit an application and essay reflective of their talents and abilities that will set them apart.  Additionally, the colleges to which they apply should be carefully selected, providing opportunities for students to achieve academic and personal growth resulting in solid career pathways. 

  So Much To Do!  Developing a list of potential colleges.  Visiting Colleges.  Setting up college interviews.  Deciding which college admissions test to take.  ACT vs. SAT?  Does the college require SAT subject tests?  What is the difference between applying ED, EA, REA?  As the college To Do List gets longer, stress levels escalate! 

College Planning 411 helps you stay on track, explains which path is best, and ensures you meet all application deadlines.  

Not sure what you need?  During your initial free consultation, College Planning 411 will assess where you are in the college application process,  advise you in next steps, and set you up with a package personalized for your future college student!


Writer’s Block

blur close up focus gadgetNeed help getting started on your college essay?  After reviewing essay prompts, through a series of questions I will put you on the path to crafting an essay that embodies you as an applicant and highlights your uniqueness. We will work together to edit your essay, ensuring its perfection before submitting it to colleges!  Learn More…

College Application Boot Camp 

Start your senior year with applications and essays completed and submitted!  With the list of colleges to which you plan to apply in hand, College Planning 411 will guide you through the summer months in completing applications, creating and editing essays, and positioning you for a serene senior year!  You will be the envy of your class! Learn More…

The Tool Kit 

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Don’t know where to start or haven’t begun the college process yet?  The Tool Kit provides you with the nuts and bolts of the entire college application process.  You  explore career pathways, receive guidance in developing a list of colleges to which to apply, assistance in completing college applications and essays, and a timeline with reminders so no task is overlooked!  This tool kit is equipped with everything you need to successfully navigate the path to college! Learn More…

The Care Package

Created just for you! A custom designed package to meet you where you are in the college process. Learn More!  Schedule your free consultation! 

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