headshot sCompany History: Utilizing over twenty years of experience as a guidance counselor and Director of School & College Counseling, I work with families to create a customized college plan unique to your needs and eliminate the stress in the college admissions process.   

College Planning 411 was founded upon the realization that schools do not have the resources to review and edit college applications and essays, both of which are key components in strengthening an applicant’s potential for college admissions.

My mission is to help you and your child find the best educational pathways to meet your child’s post-secondary and career goals.

“Sherri was invaluable in helping me complete my graduate school application. Her guidance came from a place of intelligence and expertise that made my application the best it could be.”

Hunter, Titusville, NJ

College Planning 411 specializes in helping you find the college that is the perfect fit for your child’s career interests and your budget!  The college experience is a family endeavor and I will work with you to meet all your needs in the college selection/application process.

As an independent college counseling company, College Planning 411 is devoted to creating personalized college plans for students, managing application deadlines, and assisting in the completion of college applications and editing of essays.  Additionally, you will be provided with strategies to stay organized and connected with colleges during the application process. My services ensure the college application process will be conducted in a structured manner paving the way for successful admission outcomes and an enjoyable senior year!

Let the journey begin with a knowledgeable guide!

Sherri Lewis, M.Ed.

College Planning & Educational Consultant