Love & Gratitude

Valentine’s Day.  Often seen as a day of hearts, flowers, and romance, this year, let’s put a new spin on it.  Let’s make it a day of love and gratitude for those who supported you on your path to college.

Take a moment to thank those who wrote letters of recommendation to support your college applications. Write a special note to the guidance secretary who sent transcripts and other documents to colleges and made countless phone calls to ensure college’s had all the materials needed to complete each student’s application.  

Don’t forget the teacher who stayed after school or came in early to help you master material needed to pass their class. The coach who pushed you to victory, the drama teacher behind the last magical production, and the music teacher who coaxed  sweet musical notes from novice musicians. Give special thanks to custodians who unlock school doors to let you get the book you forgot in your locker and the bus driver who takes you to and from school each day.

Let’s remember the grandparents, aunts, uncles, and neighbors who are like family–always there when you need them most.  They show up for recitals, concerts, and graduations–no matter how long and regardless of the weather.  The patient employer who gave you your first job, the list goes on….

 A very special thanks to parents who support their children every step of the way to college and beyond and to the students who burn the midnight oil to achieve their dreams.  Let’s spend Valentine’s Day saying “I love you” and repeating the phrase “Thank you” as often as possible.

While everyone may not believe in Valentine’s Day, hopefully we all believe in gratitude.  With love and much gratitude, wishing everyone a Happy Valentine’s Day!


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