Ready? Set. Submit!

Your future college student has compiled their college list, completed their college applications and crafted the perfect essay.  Here’s what they need to do before and after they hit the submit button.

Before submitting:

Touch base with teachers.  Your child should send an email to the teachers who are writing a letter of recommendation on their behalf. They should let their teachers know where and when they will be applying and highlight the first application deadline.  Students should also ask teachers if additional information is needed in order to complete their recommendation letter.  For example some teachers/counselors have an information form they want students to complete or they require a copy of the student’s resume.  

Request transcripts.  This is done through the Guidance Office.  Often schools will have a form students need to complete while others may accept requests electronically via Naviance.  Regardless, this step must be done.  Completing this step indicates to the student’s high school that transcripts, letters of recommendation, a copy of the school profile, and a secondary school report should be sent to colleges.  All of these supporting documents are necessary to complete a student’s college application and are submitted directly from the high school to the college.

Get another set of eyes on the application and essay.  Have a trusted  friend, teacher, or family member take a look at the essay.  Not for rewrites, just simply to catch spelling and grammatical errors as well as to ask clarifying questions for anything that is not clear.  

Review the entire application.  Check even the simplest things like email addresses and phone numbers.  Once again check for spelling, capitalization, and grammatical errors.

  After submitting:

Check email weekly for updates and status of college applications.  This is where your child will learn if there are any missing materials or receive links to access portals with information about the status of their college application. 

Gratitude is everything! Take time to write a thank you note to the teachers and guidance counselor who wrote letters of recommendation in support of college applications.

Senior grades still count.  If a student is deferred, a college may be looking to see how a student is performing academically during their final year of high school.  Additionally, upon graduation, students are required to submit a final transcript to the college they plan to attend.  If there is a significant change in grades, colleges reserve the right to rescind acceptance. 

Keep in mind submitting college applications does not end the process. While it may be tempting to give in to senioritis, staying the course yields better outcomes.

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