Do You Need a Letter of Recommendation for College?

Most colleges require one or two letters of recommendation from teachers in support of a student’s college application.  Before asking a teacher, look over your college list and review admission requirements.  There are colleges that do not want letters and colleges that will only accept one letter. Identify which colleges require letters of recommendation and… Read More

Make This Summer Count!

As mask mandates are lifted along with other restrictions that accompanied COVID-19, life is slowly starting to return to normal.  After spending over a year buried in homework and unable to leave their homes, most kids are looking forward to turning off their computers, hanging out with friends, and venturing back out into society.  What… Read More

Congratulations! You received your college acceptance letters. How do you decide where to go?

Typically, you would visit your top choices one more time or attend the college’s welcome event for admitted students.  Although most college campuses are still closed, seniors deciding where to attend can participate in college events virtually.  Some colleges are even hosting virtual seminars where admitted students can meet with professors and current students.  Now… Read More

California Dreaming

If University of California schools are on your child’s college list and you are not a California resident, here are some things you need to know to meet the minimum admission requirements and increase chances of being accepted.  While all nine college campuses accepting undergraduate students use the same application, each campus has its own… Read More

The Ivy League

With acceptance rates in the single digits, why are so many students compelled to throw their application into the pool with hopes of attending an Ivy League school? Known initially for their outstanding performance in athletics, the term Ivy League was coined in 1954 naming the NCAA athletic conference division for Harvard, Yale, Princeton, University… Read More


How do you decide which test is the right college admissions test for you? With most colleges using test results to determine admissions and merit scholarships, test performance is a critical component of the college application process.  While the PSAT and Pre-ACT are both good indicators of how a student will do on the test,… Read More