Should You Stay or Should You Go?

College campuses are releasing their plans for the fall and taking into consideration the possible resurgence of COVID 19. The three popular plans are to start the semester early with no fall break and go online after Thanksgiving; conduct the first semester all online; and open campus as usual.Young asian entrepreneur feeling stress and anxiety resulting from reduced sales after checking orders from customers by laptop. Concept of small business owner. Need a business consultant concept

Campuses allowing students to return in the fall have made changes in housing, course enrollment numbers, and at times with financial aid.  In order to comply with social distancing guidelines, some colleges are assigning one student per dorm room which impacts the number of students who can live on campus and advising students living nearby to commute.  The reduction in the number of students able to be in a classroom, also aligned with social distancing guidelines, may impact a students ability to get the courses they need.

Recent high school graduates are faced with a difficult decision.  Should they stay or should they go?  Parents already struggling to come up with money for tuition, understandably find it mind boggling to spend $65,000 a year for their child to receive a college education on the family living room couch.

If your child is thinking about deferring, check the college’s policy and deadline for deferrals.  Students will need to provide a plan and rationale for the deferral request.  Be clear about the reason for the request.  Is it financial hardship?  Health concerns?   Another educational opportunity?   Once submitted, the plan will be reviewed by the admissions committee.  If the deferral is accepted, be sure to work with the admissions committee to develop a re-entry plan.

If your child decides to attend college in the fall but has reservations about being on campus and attending class for health reasons, most colleges are offering online options.  The selection may be limited, however they will still be on the path to earning a college degree.

Weigh the pros and cons of staying or going. Be sure to check the website of the college your child plans to attend regularly for updates on opening.


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