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Are you frustrated trying to find an ACT/SAT test site with available seats?  You are not alone.  Parents are considering driving their rising seniors up to five hours away so their child can have an opportunity to take a college admissions test.  With only a few test sites to choose from and limited test dates to meet early application deadlines, students are panicked.

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Initially, about two dozen schools announced they would be test optional for the 2021 first year applicants.  As more colleges are starting to recognize the difficulty students are encountering trying to access college admissions tests, the list of test optional colleges is growing longer.

To determine whether a school is test optional as a result of COVID 19, you will need to go to the website of each college on your list.  The college’s testing policy can be easily located under the admissions/freshman applicants tab.

If one or more of the colleges on your list still require test scores, there are a few things you can do.  First check to see if the site is current and reflecting the incoming class of 2025 (students graduating from high school in 2021).  Some colleges may not update their website until the end of July or the beginning of August.  Check back on August 1st for updates about testing.  Next, note the application deadlines.  Regular decision deadlines are typically around January 1st.  If test scores are needed, this gives students August -December to take the ACT/SAT.  Lastly, take another look at the school.  Attend a virtual admissions session and tour, review the programming, and then decide if you still want to apply to the school.

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