Avoiding Overwhelm

With an inbox full of emails from a variety of colleges—some that you are interested in and others that you are not, how do you keep everything organized?  Most importantly, how do you as a parent keep on top of correspondences from colleges that are only emailed to your child? You would need direct access to their email, right?  Here’s how to get it. Stay organized

With your future college student, create an email that is used only for college applications.  Keep the password so you have access to vital information about acceptances, inquiries for additional information, deposits, roommates, etc. Both you and your child will need to check the email at least once a week.  Doing this allows your child to have independence in the college application process while you have the comfort of being able to monitor essential communications.

Once the email is established, within the account create a folder for each college to which your child plans to apply.  As emails come in from various colleges, file important emails accordingly so you can access them later if needed.

To tackle snail mail, create hard folders for each college. On the outside of folders list admission requirements.  How many letters of recommendation are needed?  Which tests are required?  What are the due dates?

Nag, nag, nag…Want to maintain peace in your home during the college application process? Keep your teen on top of deadlines by putting them on a calendar in a central location.  Perhaps hang it on the fridge?  In addition to due dates, with your teen, map out tasks that need to be completed leading up to submitting college applications.  For example, determine what day essays should be completed by and mark it on the calendar.  Set a standing date to check in with your future college student to review upcoming deadlines and tasks. 

Have you ever tried to reset your password but can’t remember your username?  As your teen juggles usernames and passwords for the Common App, College Board, ACT….keep track of them all by creating a username and password spreadsheet in your college only email account using Google drive.  Located in your Google drive, it will never be lost and can be accessed by you and your child. By now you know if your teen is a procrastinator or someone who meets deadlines.  You know their strengths and where they may need guidance and gentle nudges.  With this in mind, use the tools that will address those needs.  Once you and your future college student have developed a plan to stay organized, you are ready to dive into completing college applications!

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