College Campus Tours & COVID19

College campuses are closed due COVID-19 and you planned on using spring break to visit college campuses, what now?   

Take a virtual tour!  From the comfort of your home, you and your child can explore an endless list of college campuses.  You Visit and eCampusTours offer tours of colleges and universities with an official tour guide.  The 360 degree views along with the ability to navigate your way through the campuses make you feel as though you are truly there.  While you may be tempted to speed through the tour, take the time to listen to the tour guide. They highlight programming, what the school is known for, and anything new on the horizon.  If the school you are interested in is not on You Visit, check the colleges website for a virtual tour or try YouTube.  Jot down any questions that come to mind as you take your tour.

Use sites like to learn how enrolled students rank universities and colleges.  Students grade housing, food, class size, campus facilities, academics, activities, and local services.

While you can’t visit the college campuses, you can still connect with the school.  Request information on the college’s website. Follow the school on twitter or instagram and friend them on FaceBook.  Email the admissions and financial aid offices with any questions you have. Although the schools are closed, most staff are still responding to emails as they work from home.  With a little bit of creativity and the help of technology, you and your future college student can still enjoy virtual touring college campuses!

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