Congratulations! You received your college acceptance letters. How do you decide where to go?

Typically, you would visit your top choices one more time or attend the college’s welcome event for admitted students.  Although most college campuses are still closed, seniors deciding where to attend can participate in college events virtually.  Some colleges are even hosting virtual seminars where admitted students can meet with professors and current students.  Now is also the time to revisit websites and take virtual tours.

List and compare programming of your desired major at each college. Is there one that has more career building opportunities?

What special programs are available at each college? Study abroad, co-op programs, research opportunities, experiential learning, and on-line learning.

Campus location. Is the campus far from home? Are travel expenses a factor?

Housing. Is housing guaranteed all four years? Some college campuses only guarantee housing for freshman year.

What is the college’s graduation and retention rate? Do most students graduate in 4-5 years?

What is the college’s job placement rate for graduates?

Special needs. Are there learning support facilities? Is the campus easily accessible for anyone with physical limitations? Is there a LGBTQ support system? How diverse is the campus?

COVID.  What was the college’s operational plan during the height of Covid-19?  What is their plan for re-opening in the fall?  What are current students saying about their on-line learning experience?

Safety. What presence and reputation does campus security have?

Price tag. Compare financial aid and scholarship packages. Is there a plan to obtain a graduate, medical, or law degree? If so, does that impact how much you want to spend on an undergraduate degree?

Listen. What does your gut/heart say?


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