AP Testing 2020: Still on!

Although schools are closed and multiple events have been cancelled or put on hold, AP Testing will still take place this year.  Students will be taking their AP tests in the comfort of their homes.  The AP Program/College Board are in the process of developing 45 minute online open response tests for students enrolled in AP courses.  Details of scholar books for education background. Advance Placement exams.

There will be two testing opportunities and students will have the option to select the test date which best meets their needs.  This means that students who feel they need a little more time to prepare will have the option of the second test date, giving them more time to study.  Those students who worry they will forget the material they learned in class can opt for the first test date.

So how do you prepare for the AP exam?  Free online resources will be available as early as March 25.  If you have not yet heard from your AP teacher, please email them about resources provided by the College Board or log into your AP Central/College Board account for more information.  The test will cover content and instruction through the beginning of March.  The test schedule will be available by April 3.

During a time when so many things are riddled with uncertainty, AP students will still have the opportunity to demonstrate their knowledge as well as their commitment to learning.


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